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your 12 new best friends

(Premium Starter Kit oils)



+sleep support

+combine it with lemon and peppermint for seasonal support

+kids’ “owies”

+taming tantrums

+skin relief (I love it paired with Frankincense in my DIY face serum)


+head tension

+digestive support


+brightening up your daily water intake

+combine with lemon for the perfect morning diffuser blend

+add it to a brownie mix

+helps open up the airways for better breathing

+helps with focus


+mood boosting

+removing sharpie, pencil, crayon off of surfaces

+removing stains from clothing

+aids in digestion


Stress Away

+emotional support

+add some to a relaxing bath

+diffuse at the end of a long day

+roll along your jawline during a tough commute

+roll on wrists throughout a tough day


+use topically after a long run or hitting it hard at the gym

+dilute with coconut oil on tight muscles

+use in a bath of epsom salts for ultimate relief and relaxation

Digize -

+digestive support

+when you’ve had too much of a good thing

+when your kids have had too much candy

+anytime you feel stomach discomfort

Citrus Fresh –

+happy vibes

+an energy booster

+promotes focus and clarity

+purifies the air

+mood boosting

Thieves -

+immune support

+add a drop to some honey for a “thieves bomb” whenever you feel something coming on

+diffuse daily to cleanse the air

+make diy cleaners


+respiratory support

+dilute it and apply topically if you feel a tickle in your throat

+diffuse or apply topically to help relieve seasonal irritations

+make a diy chest rub


+feelings of bravery

+use on kids with butterflies

+instills courage, confidence, and self esteem

Frankincense -


+keeps skin looking young

+sleep support

+use during prayer and meditation

+use before yoga


Peace & Calming

+promotes relaxation


+sleep support

+use to calm children

+dampens tensions