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"Aimee joined our family at a time surrounded with a lot of unknowns.  Our daughter, Lily, spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital and Aimee was always there to offer us times of normalcy...Helping Lily and teaching us how to work with Lily on playtime...on behavior...on transition. There is something very special about Aimee...In her smile, in her touch and in her approach to her kids and their families.  She's creative and flexible with the needs of her families.  We adore her and she will forever be a part of our family." - Tyson and Christi

"Our family will forever be grateful for the difference that Aimee has made in our son's life. We had many fears for his future as he missed milestone after milestone, but Aimee always reassured us that he was a bright, sweet, funny boy who just happened to need some extra help.  We felt confident that even if he had these struggles the rest of his life,  Aimee would help us be equipped to support him all along the way.  Thankfully,  with her help he began making progress,  and years later you would never know he had such a slow start. We are a blended family of 8, and Aimee not only worked with Aiden, my husband and me, but she involved Aiden's 5 siblings as well. Furthermore,  since Aiden lived in two households, she provided services to both households.  The environment between the homes could not have been more different, but Aimee effortlessly switched back and forth between the homes of mother and father,  so Aiden could have her support with more consistency than if she had worked with him in just one home.  She kept detailed notes of her visits and advice; we relied on those notes for at least 2 years after he graduated from her care. He is 8 years old now, and still fondly refers to her as "the teacher-doctor lady with the big smile who used to come play with me when I was little." We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she made a big difference in our son's life,  and she gave us peace of mind knowing that she would help us do the best we could for him no matter how the situation worked out. I can't recommend her highly enough." - Tammi and Brian

"We met Aimee through ECI when my son Rafael was 18 months old. He was not talking at all and would just use physical cues to indicate what he wanted. He didn't even have any vocabulary for mom, dad, milk, water etc. The love, patience and support Aimee showed was a huge help. Rafael's eyes would light up whenever I told him Aimee was coming to play. She worked with him with so much love and enthusiasm and the guidance she gave me as a parent was invaluable. If not for her, Rafael wouldn't be fluent in Urdu, our first language, because she stressed the importance of learning both languages and not just English. For three years I silently thanked Aimee every day because she suggested the preschool that Rafael eventually went to and loved! She'd be a great asset to any family who need help and support. Thank you, Aimee!" - Mariam

"Aimee was one of our son's ECI ladies and he loved/loves her - and so do we! She knows how to work with each child based on their needs and wants. Aimee is also very patient and loving. When the time came to make the transition to public school, even though she didn't handle that part, she was there every step of the way and was able to help with questions or concerns. It's been 4 years since she worked with our son, but over those 4 years, I know I can come to her with any questions or issues that we face. She has offered advice on top of advice and encourages us along the way. We are so blessed to have Aimee in our lives!!" - Christina