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Are you ready to explore a more natural lifestyle and get your oils? There are two ways to get started. When you sign up with a Premium Starter Kit and become a member, you are joining a team. This doesn't mean that you ever have to sell ANYTHING! It just means that we will hold your hand on this journey and continue to educate you in our private team Facebook groups. If you're local (or you want to hop on a plane or road trip it down here) you can come to our monthly team gatherings where we share our latest faves and make fun stuff! Don't worry, if you aren't local, we will still love on you and have lots to offer online.

OPTION ONE - SIGN UP AS A MEMBER (WHOLESALE CUSTOMER) - click here if you are ordering a Premium Starter Kit

  • No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like at 24% off retail prices

  • See a description of each Premium Starter Kit here

  • Although Young Living calls their wholesale customers “Distributors”, this does NOT mean that you are signing up to sell oils and there is absolutely no pressure to do so – ever

  • No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of $50 of product value per year and your account stays active

  • Member number to share with friends; if they order using your member number, you’ll receive compensation (but, again, enrolling as a “Distributor” does NOT mean that you have to share oils with anyone. Although, once you discover how wonderful they are, it will be hard not to tell your friends!)

  • Access to our Facebook community, so you can be armed and ready to use your oils to their fullest potential



In addition to purchasing the Premium Starter Kit ($165), I recommend signing up for Essential Rewards (monthly customized box) in Step 2, while you're finishing out your purchase. When choosing to pursue this natural lifestyle, Essential Rewards makes it easy for you to gradually switch out your products for toxin-free ones. Whether its products for cleaning, babies, skincare, hygiene, supplements, makeup, or other natural products, Young Living has you covered. By selecting a rewards kit, you are signing up for a monthly ordering program that gives you the ability to earn points for free products, enjoy reduced shipping costs, and plan out your family’s household budget for the changes you are about to make. Plus, if you are a part of this monthly program, you are able to receive commissions off of growing your own business, if you choose to share your link to shop with friends.

We jumped into this program when I first signed up, and it's been the perfect way for us to slowly transition our home to toxin free products! We have gradually switched out most of the things I was previously buying at Target or the grocery store, so we're not spending any more money, just spending that $50 a month through Young Living instead.  Actually, I'm probably saving money since I hardly step inside Target anymore. You know how that goes. You go in for laundry soap and shampoo and end up spending $200! The big bonus, besides ridding our home of toxins, is we have earned so many free products along the way. It's truly an amazing program!

OPTION TWO - SIGN UP AS A RETAIL CUSTOMER: - click here if you are not a member and only wanting to buy individual products

  • No starter kit required.

  • Order products whenever you would like (but pay 24% more than a wholesale customer)