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Did you know that when you become a Young Living member, you join a team and a community of people who are passionate about natural living? I know when I took the leap into exploring essential oils that it was super important to me to join a team that was dynamic, knowledgeable, loving, service oriented, and open to all of my questions. Wow! Did I ever hit the jackpot! Being a part of this community of like-minded women (and some men) has helped me to truly commit to a better way of approaching wellness for my family. I think if I wasn't a part of an active team who does a great job educating, my starter kit might have just sat on the shelf partially used. Sad. Sad.


I know for us, it didn't feel natural to reach for my little bottles of oils instead of the products in my medicine cabinet at first, but once I started using them consistently, every day, the possibilities opened up for how we could support our health naturally. We have never felt better! It was just a mind shift and this community helped my family to make that change. They taught me to see the value in a natural lifestyle and commit to it and for that I am so very grateful! My hope is to be that for you, to help you to not feel overwhelmed, to answer your questions, to walk this journey alongside you, and make it simple until it's a habit.


For local team members, we have a monthly get together where we share our latest faves and make fun stuff. If you aren't in the Houston area, we will still love on you in big ways! We have leaders on our team across Texas and around the world! As a team, we are having the greatest time and I really hope you'll join us!