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What are Young Living essential oils?

  • most powerful part of the plant

  • 100% pure, natural aromatic compounds

  • steam distilled at low temperatures

  • distilled from roots, shrubs, bushes, trees, leaves, herbs, fruit, rinds, petals, and resins

  • therapeutic grade A

  • they support every system in your body

Three ways to use oils:

After using essential oils, they can be found throughout the body within 20 minutes.

  • topically - apply to your skin "neat" (straight from the bottle) or diluted with a carrier oil

  • aromatically - put a few drops in a diffuser or inhale from the bottle or on your skin

  • internally (Young Living vitality oils only) - ingest in a capsule, add drops to water or other beverages or place a drop under your tongue

How we use oils:

We use essential oils to live a more natural life without using harmful chemicals. We use them for:

  • cleaning

  • focus

  • monthly hormonal support

  • happy healthy skin

  • immune support

  • energy

  • the best sleep

  • emotional support

  • making our home smell amazing

  • digestive support

  • diys

Why brand and purity are important:

We actually use essential oils everyday.  They can be found in our lotions, toothpaste, laundry detergent, perfume, candles,  deodorant, lip balms, and shampoos. Anything that has been scented has essential oils in them. But not all oils are created equally.  Food and perfume grade oils are typically synthetic unless stated otherwise. These two types of oils cannot be used therapeutically to benefits your health. Synthetic oils in fact can do more damage to your body by using them because they can store as toxins, unable to be released. And that totally defeats the purpose of using essential oils to lead a more natural lifestyle. A little know fact is that a bottle of oil only has to contain 5% of "pure" essential oil to be labeled "100% pure". Not cool! So do your research or learn from someone you trust who has done theirs. After my own research, I chose Young Living because of the purity of the oils and their Seed to Seal Promise.